Hasselt will host the 9th Annual Winter Cycling Congress.

Hasselt is situated in Limburg, a province in eastern Flanders in Belgium. It is an innovative cycling region that continuously invests in an improved cycling experience. Not only in infrastructure or product development, but also by gathering knowledge and sharing it with the world.

Visit Limburg, Visit Flanders, IMOB (Hasselt University) and Flanders’ Bike Valley are the key partners who work in different ways to promote a cycling and a mobility paradise 365 days a year.

Fietsen123.nl, the most popular bicycle website in the Benelux, has crowned Limburg the ‘best bicycle province’ no fewer than eight times. Still Limburg continually invests to ensure it retains its pole position. Moreover there is that one major hurdle, which is cycling in the winter. How do we change the mindset? In being able to do so we create an alternative mode of transport, a healthier lifestyle and, last but not least, a longer tourist season.

Come to the WCC 2022 in Limburg, Flanders, and share your ideas on 365 days cycling!


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Congress venue

WCC 2022 will take place at the Old Prison of the University of Hasselt.


Hasselt is a Flemish city and municipality, and capital of the province of Limburg in Belgium.

General information

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